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Top Parks near Lone Butte, BC

One of the key attractions in our area are the walkable parks. These places are great for any person, especially those looking to appreciate the outdoors. While these parks can be a bit of a drive, they're worth it if you're looking to explore more of British Columbia. 

We hope you'll visit one of these parks when you come and stay with us. Explore all that British Columbia has to offer; you won't be disappointed.

North Thompson River Provincial Park

The North Thompson River Provincial Park in Clearwater, BC is a great place to go if you're into beautiful views and awesome fishing spots. This spot is also a wonderful place to swim. The park is at least an hour drive from our lodging.

Centennial Park and Bridge Creek Falls

Centennial Park is a fantastic water park (although a little small), where you and your kids can have fun getting splashed. Bridge Creek Falls is also nearby. Walk there with your family and see the waterfalls for yourself. This park is a 40-minute drive from our resort.

Bridge Lake Provincial Park

Right by a small campground, Bridge Lake Provincial Park is a beautiful spot for hiking, fishing and horseback riding. This place is home to several bald eagle nests as well as bears, foxes and coyotes. Take a 10-minute drive to this park and see the animals of British Columbia for yourself.
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Boat Launch Park

Boat Launch Park is a fenced park with a boat launch area, picnic tables and playground. Enjoy swimming in the water or fishing for something big. The park is an hour away from our sites.

Canim Beach Provincial Park

Enjoy the small beach of Canim Beach Provincial Park while staying with us. You can bring a packed lunch and eat it with your family on one of the nearby picnic tables. The view of Canim Lake is spectacular, even in winter. Skip a rock on the water or start a fire to stay warm. The beach is an hour and 10 minutes from Piney Point.